Alter Egos

Walking in the shoes of other women...

Do also check out the "Az Cabal" album, wherein I honor the power of the all-seeing, all-knowing Az (She Who Must Be Obeyed), and poke fun in a round-about way, at a certain foe to the Cabal -- the fearsome Homophobic Malus (TM):


Flutterbies in my neighbour's garden.

Flutterbies in my neighbour's garden.

Painted Lady - Hodges#4435 (Vanessa cardui)

Rideau Fire, First Line, South of Ottawa

I was by the property the other day (March 17, 2007) and the "Rideau Fire" gate is now.

Mom at school

Esdaile, both at Ayton Castle where the school was evacuated to during the war and in Edinburgh. Hopefully I won't get them mixed up.

Some of Hutch's pieces

Some of Hutch's copper enamelling (plus one other piece, not by him)

Hand-dyed Fabric

...some of the item I have made using my hand-dyed fabric.

Setasilk transparent and opaque watered down, table salt to diffuse the dye, hand-manipulated during the dye-process.


Halldykes was the Church of Scotland manse when my grandfather took the ministership of the Buccleuch Street Church of Scotland. My grandparents moved from Canonbie, his first church, in 1925, before my mother's first birthday.

The church closed and the manse sold after my grandfather's death in 1945. My mother and grandmother moved to Johnston Park, then.

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